MS Elegante Wiki

Name Thom
Gender Male
Age 7
Height 3'8"
Species Canis sapiens erectus
Home Planet Zenrensei
Breed Border collie
Language Common
Room 8332 (Deck 5)
Canon Original
Journal Fetch the stick
Mun Manawolf

Thom is a puppy! A border collie puppy. That speaks, has thumbs, and stands on his hind legs (sometimes) at a smidgen under 4'.

He is not exactly a rocket scientist, but you don't need to be smart when you're this cute.


Thom's masters are the Zenrenthi. Part of a powerful space-faring empire, they keep sentient species as pets and have taken every sort to fill their companionship needs. Extremely long-lived, their own society is based on tradition and respect for elders; they see no moral issue whatsoever in taking "feral" individuals from their violent, primitive societies to live longer, healthier lives under Zen care.

Everything from particularly intelligent birds to prisoners of war are fair game. The Zen have a fondness for the more mentally-complex and challenging species, not to mention longer-lived; an African gray parrot is their version of a hamster.

Individuals taken from outside are referred to as ferals or wild-caught; it's to be expected that they're a bit feisty.


Thom is not a "feral," nor second- or third- generation. His species has been "domesticated" a very long time, and he has the lineage papers to prove it!

Just like the dogs he resembles, Thom has been bred down from more independent base stock to have a permanently childlike mentality, automatically submissive to authority figures. Unlike the dogs he resembles, he can talk, has opposable thumbs, and can walk on two legs.

As a child - er, puppy - he can easily walk on four, and often finds this more comfortable. Encouraging this is a flexible collarbone, a deep ribcage, legs and arms approximately the same length, a curved pelvis and pawlike hands. When he grows up, his thigh muscles will become stronger, his spine straighter and he'll spend more time on two legs, but he won't lose the ability to race along on all four paws.

Thom is human-sized, and will probably broach the 5'-mark. He's still growing!



  • Batou: He used to have a dog! Like Thom! And he doesn't mind being called "Mister." Yay!!
  • Christine: NICE LADY 8D
  • Kage: Total authority figure. It's difficult to remember not to call him Mister Kage, but Firs'Mate Kage works.
  • Kate: Nice master-type lady. Was scared of him at first which makes no sense at all.
  • Lenny: Pulled Thom's whisker ;A;
  • Lily: Former pet, gone feral. She's real nice though.
  • Michelangelo: MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY he smells like Thom's Masters and he's REAL nice yay!!