This is your friendly neighborhood Skylar!


Skybebe, Skyfaise, LITTLE BRO I don't know wtf I don't really have any nicknames




16/Still Jailbait


Topeka, Kansas (no, he doesn't know Dorothy, Dean, or Sam)


lucy has wings


i'm a go-getter guy

Sky is a five-foot-flat bundle of spazz stuck in the Midwest - Kansas, to be specific. His residency there would be made significantly more entertaining if he knew the Winchesters, but alas, he doesn't. His fandoms include Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, Star Trek, Heroes, Questionable Content, Repo! the Genetic Opera, Silent Hill, and a shitload of other things, but he prefers to play OCs (mainly because he's a perfectionist and doesn't think he can ever do fandom characters justice). His mothers are Nashi and Blu, his father is Bootsie, Taisha is his big sister, and Litzi is his waifu. He's also a completely adorable dork with a Frog for a biffle. ( <<< That was Froggles, who is indeed his biffle, but Sky himself must proclaim she's biased when it comes to the former statement.) (NO SHUT UP SHE'S NOT SHE'S COMPLETELY RIGHT >:| )



Sulphur is a feline/human hybrid made by a scientific group called Persona Grata. She loves Rfena women, clothes, parties, and being an obnoxious, priveleged bitch. During the beginning of her stay on the boat, she was nothing but a snooty, standoffish, and privleged bitch, but with time she's softened up at least a little and is now attempting to make friends and be undiscriminately social.

Conrad Achenleck Edit

Conrad is The Failiest Vampire (yes, it needs to be capitalized exactly like that - it's a title, obviously). He won't bite anyone, not out of the will to be a "good guy", but because he's just flat-out too neurotic to stomach the thought of putting his mouth on someone else's neck. Back at home, he was a graphic designer and what most people would refer to as a hipster (the latter still carries on over to the boat). He's easily angered and uses douchebaggery as a defense mechanism.


  • TOTAL HORROR FANATIC. Books, movies, games, you name it, Sky loves it.
  • As queer as a ... oh, what's a witty comparison I can make here ... I don't know, I've got nothing. Just pretty damn queer.
  • Pretty much a legit comic/webcomic/what-have-you addict. Reccomend him some, man.
  • Plays Team Fortress 2 with Taisha. Is nearly always a Scout or, more recently, a Spy.
  • Consequently, has a thing for accents, obviously.