flingintoalake: *rolls around*
crimsonhue487: *rolls you into a pile of orange slices*
crimsonhue487: *is big enough to pick up legos*
flingintoalake: omgomgomg
crimsonhue487: *rolls up legos and batteries*
crimsonhue487: *moves outside into the yard*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up rocks and flowers*
flingintoalake: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the neighbor's cat*
flingintoalake: hey roll me up a fuckin' sandwich or something
crimsonhue487: *goddamn little bastard*
flingintoalake: i'm hungry
crimsonhue487: *eat the cat idk*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the garden fence*
crimsonhue487: *is big enough to get out into the street*
crimsonhue487: *omg kids at the bus stop*
crimsonhue487: *rolls them up as they scream in terror*
flingintoalake: hahahaha
crimsonhue487: *oh look here comes there parents rolls them up to*
crimsonhue487: *big enough to get cars now*
crimsonhue487: *watch out world*
flingintoalake: ofuck
crimsonhue487: *goes onto the highway*
crimsonhue487: *just sits there and lets cars run into the otanamari*
flingintoalake: :3
flingintoalake: YAY CARS
crimsonhue487: *sorry was getting coffee*
crimsonhue487: *oh my is very large now, thx cars*
crimsonhue487: *heads into town*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up all the mcdonalds and gas stations*
flingintoalake: oh mai~
crimsonhue487: *there otana have a burger*
crimsonhue487: *starts rolling up houses and office buildings*
flingintoalake: omnomnom
crimsonhue487: *hums gleefully as people scream and rattle around in their buildings*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up supermarkets and stripmalls*
crimsonhue487: *swimming pool*'
crimsonhue487: *park*
flingintoalake: ffffffffffffffffffffffffff
crimsonhue487: *skyscraper*
crimsonhue487: *peeling off asphalt now*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the city*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the beach*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up california*
crimsonhue487: *starts plowing east*
crimsonhue487: *take that new mexico*
flingintoalake: o.o
crimsonhue487: *mmm tortillas*
flingintoalake: mmmmmmm tortillas
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the rocky mountains*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up idaho and montana*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up texas on the pointy mountain side*
crimsonhue487: *rolls down the mississippi*
crimsonhue487: *o my obese southern people are makin this otanamari heavy*
flingintoalake: ahaha
crimsonhue487: *rolls up florida*
crimsonhue487: *hi mom*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the east coast(
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the great lakes*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up new york city and the statue of liberty*
crimsonhue487: *lays waste to canada*
flingintoalake: oh hi P and Adri!
crimsonhue487: *and kelly*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the north pole and crosses into russia*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up all the snow*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up norway and finland*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up eastern europe and greece*
crimsonhue487: *this otanamari needed pitas*
flingintoalake: nomnomnom <3
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the mediterranean*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up spain and france*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up britian*
crimsonhue487: *bounces over to iceland*
crimsonhue487: *splashes into the water and becomes a giant otanamari sponge*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up all the whales*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up africa*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up india and australia*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up china*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up asia and all the oceanic islands*
crimsonhue487: *sup hawaii*
crimsonhue487: *alaska can come too*
flingintoalake: :D
crimsonhue487: *rolls up latin america*
crimsonhue487: *wobbles and trembles as the earths gravity starts to compete*
crimsonhue487: *rolls that bastard up too*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the moon*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up venus and mercury*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up mars and that creepy face rock*
crimsonhue487: *skips those big guys and rolls up uranus and neptune*
crimsonhue487: *fuck pluto its too small*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up saturn and jupiter*
crimsonhue487: *runs into the sun, gets stuck for a second, rolls again*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up stars*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the milky way*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up galaxies*
crimsonhue487: *rolls up the universe*
crimsonhue487: *quivers*
crimsonhue487: .....
crimsonhue487: ........
crimsonhue487: ..............
crimsonhue487: *EXPLODE*
crimsonhue487: *spreads out into a million little particles...*
crimsonhue487: *particles coalesce into molecules...*
crimsonhue487: *molecules stick together into gas clouds...*
crimsonhue487: *gas clouds form into stars and planets...*
crimsonhue487: *planets rain acid and spew volanoes for bmillions of years...*
crimsonhue487: *tiny life forms develop*
crimsonhue487: *bacteria evolve into animals*
crimsonhue487: *animals evolve into people*
crimsonhue487: *people discover fire and invent spears*
crimsonhue487: *farming*
crimsonhue487: *writing*
crimsonhue487: *bronze age*
crimsonhue487: *wheel*
crimsonhue487: *okay wheel probably came before bronze age*
flingintoalake: l-lol
crimsonhue487: *wagons*
crimsonhue487: *steam power*
crimsonhue487: *electricity*
crimsonhue487: *calculators*
crimsonhue487: *computers*
crimsonhue487: *internet*
crimsonhue487: *AIM*
crimsonhue487: [21:16] flingintoalake: *rolls around*
flingintoalake: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
flingintoalake: *STANDING OVATION*
crimsonhue487: ........../bow