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A wild Otana approaches!


Otanamama, Otanabanana, 'Tana, The Crazy Mod




Masquerades as human; possibly sentient


English (native), Japanese (business conversational), Al-Hebb (pretty poorly), Precursor (DERP I AM A DORK)


Gardena, CA


Reverend Otana's Journal of Wisdom and Stuff

Otana is pure awesome incarnate and she deals with player relations, boat plot and admin work on the Elegante's mod team.

She co-mods CAPSLOCK_JAK and makes obnoxious macros, hence her AIM is "flingintoalake". She is in a real life OTP with Manawolf.

Otana also has a bitchin' hat, given to her by the lovely Schu on one of the many failboat excursions to Disneyland.

Otana's awesome hat

Otana's awesome hat


  • Otana is English / Irish, thus can drink you under the table and dazzle you with sarcasm while she does so
  • Otana, like everyone, is gay for Kage
  • Otana also banged your mom
  • Some kids piss their name in the snow. Otana can piss her name into concrete.
  • Otana can do a wheelie on a unicycle.
  • Otana beat a wall at tennis. A fucking WALL.
  • Otana is standing right behind you. <-- is it weird that every time I read this I actually look? 9__9 <-- No. 9 times out of 10 I am there. B|
  • CERVIXEN <-- ಠ_ಠ


  • Her most passionate sex sound is UUUNNNGGGGG
  • OTNANANA DOOT DOO DOO DOO DOO <-- hahaha what the fuck is this

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NOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? <-- because your mom <--because your FACE <-- OH SNAP ;o;

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