Sinking-ship This person is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?

Molly. Edit

One of the three mods of the MS Elegante Livejournal roleplaying game, also known as "marvelous mith", pickle, mollychan, mein fuhrer and molleh.

Little Known Facts About Molly.

  • co-creator of the MS Elegante
  • co-creator of that wonderful place known as Camp Carnival.
  • can speak fluent Klingon

Dropped Edit

Capris Castiglione, The Darkness
Pantaleon Gregorius Whiskers, OC
River Tam, Firefly
Niamh, OC
Vago, Storm Thief
Mary Magdalene, Chrono Crusade
Kah-nath, OC
Jackie Estacado, The Darkness