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Name: Madarame Yonekuni
Nickname(s): Man-Hater, Shouty Guy, Douchebag, etcetc.
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'6"
Species: Human/Madararui- Crocodile
Room: Deck 07, Room 6203
Canon: Sex Pistols (Love Pistols)
Journal: Top three things I hate: Men, places far from Japan, and artists.
Mun: Kelly

A turd.

Canon Edit

His father is Maximilian Seymore, a member of the royal family of Britain. A heavyweight (heavyseed) "dragon" (crocodile). His mother, Madarame Makio is a heavyweight (heavyseed) snake. Being the offspring of two "water" creatures, Yonekuni has no control over his body temperature

Elegante Edit

Take me the fuck back to Japan.

Relationships Edit

Yonekuni has had many relationships that he pretty much flaunted in Shirou's face (before things came to a head). He's slept with many girls but Fujiwara Shirou (Fujiwara Shiro) is the only guy that he can stand. It's later revealed that Yonekuni is in love with Shirou (though he doesn't tell him).

External Links Edit

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