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The game is now CLOSED. Enjoy the Golden Shore, and thank you all for making MS Elegante the most awesome plot-centric game ever!



Welcome aboard the M.S. Elegante, Livejournal's awesomest reality-bending cruise ship RPG ever! (Awesomest is a word now. No, really.)

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We have 929 articles! Of which there is approximately 50% crack, 30% redirects, 15% old stuff and 5% content.

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Everyone is welcome to create their character's pages. Add canon information, background, relationships, boat history, etc.!


  • Start with this code!
  • Try to use your character's full canon name for the page title.
  • Good categories to put on new pages include [[::Category:Active|Active]], [[::Category:Characters|Characters]] and [[::Category:Fandom|Fandom]] or [[::Category:OCs|OCs]]
  • If someone dropped, just add "{{dropped}}" to the top of their page. (Without the quotation marks. There ya go.)

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