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The M.S. Elegante is a reality-bending cruise ship captained by Captain Redd. Although the ship is full-sized, there are only a handful of crew members and relatively few passengers. Every so often weird things will happen to the people on board, such as randomly going deaf or blind, monsters attacking, and growing animal parts, presumably due to Redd's apparent powers on the boat.

Passengers are chosen by Redd to come onboard, and they find themselves suddenly in a room that they don't recognize, having been teleported from their original world. They bring along whatever is conceivably in their pockets, and are given a communication device so that they can better socialize with other passengers over ShipNET.

Upon entering the ship, all conceivable weapons are taken away and character powers are dampened. Despite this, the more masochistic energetic characters still manage to get into fights and murder. The captain mildly frowns upon violence and gives a warning for attacks against others, implementing a punishment every time after that. For murder, there are no warnings, and the offender is sent to the brig for 3 days - generally with an additional creative punishment.

Death is not permanent on the Elegante, although it seems to work differently for crew and passengers. After 24 hours a killed character will be resurrected, although there's no IC guarantee that this will happen. The exact mechanics are unknown.

No matter how powerful your character is in canon, their magic or strength will not make the slightest change to the ship’s structural integrity. Even broken furniture and light fixtures seem to regenerate relatively quickly (events that state otherwise notwithstanding).

There are 19 decks currently open to passengers, and over 50 in total.

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