Vicious fiends.


Lobsters are a major threat on board the Elegante, and come in several nightmare varities. It is important to keep an eye out for lobsters at all times, you never know when they will strike!


They have too many. What's up with that?

Bed Lobsters

These fiends wait in your bed (or bucket) for you to climb in. Then they will proceed to pinch you terribly. You must check your bed (or bucket) for these regularly.

Ceiling Lobsters

The ceiling is where these sons of bitches lurk, just waiting for you to sit down before BAM they drop down on top of you! To protect against ceiling lobsters a helmet is advised, or a bucket worn on the head.


It could happen to YOU!

Bar Lobsters

Urban myth. Do not exist.

Rock Lobsters

Albino Blanket Lobsters

Discovered on Isle Emeraudes. These white lobsters are never seen without a blanket or a piece of cloth, without it they become red from the sun.

Field Lobsters Edit

Fiends that hide under flowers. There is only one documented encounter of field lobsters, but more are expected.

Barack LobsterEdit

The man behind this crustacean menace is none other than Barack Lobster. Be aware, be vigilant. His catchy theme song could show up at any moment...o shi--

Chat Lobster Edit

wingedxoblivion (5:49:52 PM): FUCKING SEMICOLONS.
wingedxoblivion (5:50:00 PM): They are not FULL COLONS.
wingedxoblivion (5:50:03 PM): They are LESS.

Anodyne's loving rendition of the Chat Lobster.

manawoof (5:50:06 PM): 01
wingedxoblivion (5:50:11 PM): What.
flingintoalake (5:50:12 PM): FUCK
wingedxoblivion (5:50:13 PM): The fuck
flingintoalake (5:50:13 PM): LOBSTER
wingedxoblivion (5:50:15 PM): is that?
manawoof (5:50:16 PM): it's a lobster.
flingintoalake (5:50:16 PM): CHAT LOBSTER
flingintoalake (5:50:18 PM): FUCKING RUN
wingedxoblivion (5:50:25 PM): I WILL EAT IT WITH BUTTER
wingedxoblivion (5:50:28 PM): -Oms-
wingedxoblivion (5:50:31 PM): -Noms-
flingintoalake (5:50:32 PM): this is so going on ooc