Pronunced like saying Jocelyn but also goes by the alias of Catpaw for online gaming purposes.
Can be contacted through whitephobiawomen on AIM, a SN based off of Haine's fear. Her timezone is Central.
Who has weird grammar issues at times, will try to fix that up when not sleep deprived. (Current record is 41 hrs)
Has a younger sister, Fin, which she dragged on to the boat~ (Who has jumped ship)
Enjoys photography, writing, drawing / coloring / using photoshop and several other hobbies.
Spends her Fridays moderating or playing on a video game stream. (Has the odd time of screaming depending on the situation)
Has a giant fear of spiders, ever since she was a child; regardless of size or its in reality or a video game.

Joc is Padre's Tin Man.

"Its a tea party~ Its a tea party! Tea made of blood, scones made of bone~ A meat cake! Its a tea party~ Its a tea party!" One of her favourite quotes ever, from an online translation of the Devil May Cry 3 manga. Pretty morbid, huh? |3

Its very hard to enable her to play characters but has several impulse muses due to whatever she's in to at the time.

Current Characters Edit

Catpaw - Original Character based off Final Fantasy XI (MMORPG)

Reiner Keifer - Original Character

Dropped Characters Edit

Daniella - Demento // Haunting Ground

Haine Rammsteiner - DOGS

Rue - Threads of Fate // Dewprism

Potiental Apps Edit

Yeo Ivalise - Original Character
A puppeteer that can create monsters from cards.

Finnagin / Artimus / Sandrath - Original Characters
A human being sharing a body with an angel and an arch-angel wanting to turn minion for Lucifer.

Lyn Sezon - Original Character
A supernatural hunter, has an earth-bound guardian angel.

Sam Winchester - Supernatural

Laharl - Disgaea

Ethan Mars - Heavy Rain

-insert impulses muses here-