Jak wastelander

Name: Jak (AKA Mar)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
DoB: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lb
Species: Elf
Language: Precurian (spoken Common)
Room: 8377 (Deck 05)
Canon: Post-Jak 3, Pre-Jak X
Journal: Just Another Eco Freak
Mun: Otana

Jak (also known as Mar) is an angry, somewhat violent elf from the Jak and Daxter game series. He's a self-styled hero type, but thanks to horrible trauma at the hands of Erol and Baron Praxis pre-failboat, he's not exactly emotionally stable.

Praxis' continued manipulation of him on the boat has left Jak even less stable, prone to outbursts and brutality.

Canonmates Edit

On the Elegante Edit

Deck 05, Room 8377.

Can often be found in the forest, in the caves, working out in the gym, or patronizing Sergei's Bar and Grill.

Relationships Edit

Coming sooooooooooooon.

Random stuff Edit


This picture is not an accurate portrayal of Jak, as he did not scream.

  • Jak is a bad enough dude to hit his own dick with a hammer. He's 10 times more manly than Kamina, and almost (but not quite) as manly as Litzi.
  • Jak does not know what marshmallows is. He would however like to inform the ship's passengers about what Eco are.
  • Jak got his dick punched by a blind, drunken priest in the woods. And he didn't scream then either okay maybe he screamed a little.
  • Jak is gay for Kage.