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Grell Sutcliff
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Canon Information[]

There isn’t much known about Grell before her appearance to Madame Red - we’re told nothing about how old she is, where she’s from originally, or even how she became a shinigami. She simply shows up while Madame Red, a doctor who had performed abortions and hysterectomies for prostitutes in London, is in the middle of brutally murdering a former patient. Grell laughs, enthusiastically applauds Madame Red on her work, and expresses sympathy for her plight of childlessness.

Madame Red had been left unable to bear children after an unfortunate carriage accident that claimed the life of her husband and unborn child. Grell, on the other hand - well, she unfortunately lacked the proper anatomy. But Grell was so taken with Madame Red’s brutality and blood lust, she offered to assist her in her string of vicious murders. Together, they acted as the infamous serial murderer who came to be known as “Jack the Ripper.”

Grell abandoned her post as dispatcher of souls and instead, took up the guise of Madame Red’s klutzy, inefficient butler. In this persona, Grell was able to pass undetected in the human world and continue Jack the Ripper’s killing spree with Madame Red - the two of them butchered several more of Madame Red’s prostitute former patients until they were tracked down by Madame Red’s nephew, Ciel Phantomhive, and his demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

Ciel, under authority from the Queen, ordered Sebastian to kill Grell and Madame Red in order to put an end to the string of murders. In the resulting face-off, Madame Red had a change of heart - she was overcome with love for Ciel, the child of the sister she dearly adored - and refused to kill him. Grell became angry and turned on Madame Red, citing “disappointment” with her sudden change of character from merciless killer to sentimental fool; she struck her Death Scythe right through her chest and killed her instead. Ciel again ordered Sebastian to kill Grell. Grell and Sebastian then fought an epic duel, and Sebastian would have killed Grell with her own Death Scythe had Grell’s dispatch supervisor, William T. Spears, not intervened just in time. William begrudgingly apologized for Grell’s actions, then dragged Grell off by her hair back to the shinigami dispatch headquarters.


Since Grell is a shinigami, she does possess quite a few supernatural abilities - agility, strength, and speed are all at the top of the list. She’s not completely immortal, but she is extremely resilient and difficult to kill - rumor has it a Death Scythe is the only known way to accomplish this. She can be injured, however; she will bleed if cut, bruise if punched, etc., though presumably will heal faster than humans. She doesn’t exactly fly, but she is able to pull off an impressive leap-and-glide combo, and she can pass through solid objects such as walls. With her Death Scythe, Grell is able to collect the souls of humans fated to die; at the first hit, the scythe releases a “cinematic record” of the person’s life, which shinigami then use to judge whether said person should die then or continue living.

Also on Grell’s list of tricks is the ability to shapeshift somewhat, into a more human-looking appearance, the better to pass undetected as an ordinary person in the human world. She’s also a talented actress, capable of maintaining a convincing, long-term public persona as Madame Red’s bumbling butler, and she does possess a generally sunny [albeit delusional] disposition.


As far as personality goes, the first thing to know about Grell is that she is about as flamboyant as they come. She refers to herself as a lady and an actress (which she is); and at one point, she confesses a wish to have a child. She’s prone to using endearments and nicknames; she has a noticeably theatrical manner of speaking. She’s physically affectionate at times, too - inappropriately so, quite often. Personal space? If she understands the concept, Grell chooses to ignore it, for the most part.

Grell is something of a hopeless romantic - she very quickly becomes infatuated with Sebastian Michaelis, insistently professing her love, even likening the two of them to Romeo and Juliet. [Sebastian, on the other hand, most definitely does not reciprocate Grell’s all-too-verbal sentiments.] She’s also something of an aesthete - she likes beautiful things, although Grell’s definition of “beauty” is debatable. She loves the color red, and when acting as half of Jack the Ripper, she takes the time to “make over” her victims using fresh blood as a cosmetic.

That said, Grell is certainly no fluffy kitten. Remember - underneath the vivacious, endearing exterior, she’s still a shinigami - a death god, and a brutal, cold killer. She seems to delight in violence; she had her Death Scythe illegally modified into a chainsaw, presumably in order to cause maximum carnage on her victims. Together with Madame Red, Grell acted as Jack the Ripper, one of the most vicious serial killers of the time. She’s more or less amoral, and has no qualms murdering her partner in crime when she refuses to kill her nephew, Ciel Phantomhive.


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