Sinking-ship This character is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?

Name: Fujiwara Shiro
Nickname(s): ??? Shirou (birthname); Prez
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'4"
Species: Human/Madararui- Wolf
Room: Deck 07, Room 6200
Canon: Sex Pistols (Love Pistols)
Journal: A nickname is easier to remember, right?
Mun: Tory

He's the class representative. Such an honor student.

Also known to have wolf ears and a tail from time to time.

Canon Edit

Think of every batshit insane sort of cliche you can get in a yaoi manga, mix them all together, and you get Sex Pistols. Seriously.

Elegante Edit

you're stupid and your boat is stupid

Relationships Edit

Is gay for Yonekuni. Not Kage, sorry. LIES No, it's true. 8|

orz I will get around to this I promise

External Links Edit

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