First Mate Kage
PB is Paul Walker


Fuckhead First Mate










Common, Al-Hebb, Sinn, enough to order beer, hookers and food in Kaans, Firanshi, and Yol.


1102 (Deck 3)




I won't go back. (I know what's waiting for us.)



Kage is the First Mate aboard the Elegante and he takes his job seriously. He’s devoted to his Captain and while one might charitably call him ‘respectful of personal autonomy’ (ie. he gives not a fuck what the passengers do), Kage won’t tolerate outsiders kidnapping or hurting his passengers. Kage stands at six feet, two inches tall with a broad, muscled frame that has been described as belonging more to a brick shithouse than to a man. His hair is cropped closely to his skull and he’s rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth or his navy-blue uniform buttoned high to his throat. His hair is a dark brown that borders on black, and he has a scar on the left corner of his mouth.

Background information Edit

Kage doesn't talk about his past much, but he will admit that he was involved in a very long and brutal war on his homeworld. It's given him issues.

Kage doesn't deal well with 'emotions', and will generally channel those itchy 'feelings' things into exercising, killing things in Carnival for fun and sex. He's the ship bicycle, having taken the virginity of a few passengers and slept with a few more. The only female crew members Kage has not slept with are the Stewardess and... well, that's all so far. Take a day off, you man-slut.

Elegante Edit

Relationships Edit

Even Worth - romantically involved until the fucker vanished off the boat, leaving him a single father to Lily.
Chase Stein - he's training Chase to not be wholly useless in a fight. He cut off Chase's ears out of pure affection and protectiveness, and flung Chase into a whorehouse when he found out the little moron was a virgin.

Herz Hessian - puppy

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