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Name: Evelyn Madeline Grace
Nicknames: "Evie"
Gender: Female
Age: 18
DoB: December 13, 1989
Species: Vampire (formerly human)
Room: 2431
Canon: Original
Journal: What was ever really special about me/Older entries
Mun: Shei

Evelyn is a human-turned-vampire from modern day Chicago. She's got a bit of a speech impediment in the form of a stutter, but otherwise, she's pretty kickass.

Canon Edit

Evelyn was primarily raised by her father (if you could call it that), seeing as how her mother died when Evelyn was three. The majority of her childhood consisted of nothing but schoolwork and blatantly avoiding her dad, who had become one hell of a drunkard. From age thirteen and onwards, she spent most nights sleeping in parks, diners, or wherever else she could get away with staying. It wasn't all that bad, really. To her, it was a lot more satisfactory than home.

After graduating from high school, Evelyn found that she couldn't hold down a decent job due to social anxiety. Most workplace enviroments didn't sit very well at all with her; therefore, she was left with no way to get any money, and was still stuck at home. Her nightly routine did not change - she still went from place to place.

The major turning point in her life occured when she met a man named James in one of the diners she was hiding out in. At the time, it seemed like a perfectly normal experience: he bought her dinner, and they parted ways at the end of the night. Two months later, however, she came across him again, and this was where things really changed. Being the showoff that he was, James openly showcased his inhumanity and revealed to Evelyn that he was a vampire. This, of course, ended up being quite a strange conversation, and somehow lead to him booking her a room for the night at a local hotel so she would have a decent place to stay.

This became routine, and James and Evelyn moved from hotel to hotel together for several months before the decision was made for her to be turned. There was no ridiculous drama concerning it - it was quite simple, albeit painful. The change did not make much of a difference in their routine, and things went on normally. No significant events other than this occured around the time Evelyn was pulled to the Elegante.

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