krimzonerol: erol gets out tonight. XP
flingintoalake: o shi

Adamantiopium: Dex: B)
Kadabralin: Dun dun DUN
whitephobiawomen: Still farting? XD
krimzonerol: NO.

marvelousmith: FFFFFF
marvelousmith: ROFL
krimzonerol: Erol: >.>

marvelousmith: /slowly changes it
krimzonerol: al;ksdjf;alksjdflkd
marvelousmith: XDDD
flingintoalake: Erol: *FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT*

crimsonhue487: lmao
krimzonerol: B|

Adamantiopium: /dies
flingintoalake: Jak: *LOLING FOREVER*
marvelousmith: FFFFFFFFFFF
marvelousmith: XD
flingintoalake: I bet the brig smells FANTASTIC right now
krimzonerol: Erol: ...... Fine. *farts ON jak*

marvelousmith: dklsjfaegrfdcv
krimzonerol: Erol: *lol*

flingintoalake: Jak: *GAGGING*

krimzonerol: we are 5.
Adamantiopium: *LOVES IT* XD
marvelousmith: srsly
crimsonhue487: Celeste: Erol, when the hamster dies, it's generally better to take it out afterwards.
marvelousmith: River:....D8

dragoon1940: Karis: Throw it away?
Adamantiopium: /DIES FOREVER
dragoon1940: Karis: That's meat. :|

flingintoalake: Jak: Why would he have a hamster? *oblivious*
krimzonerol: Erol: *hahahahahah* oh is THAT what you're supposed to do.

Adamantiopium: ... Karis would eat an ass hamster?
Adamantiopium: whaaaaat
crimsonhue487: Celeste: *stares at Jak incredulously*
crimsonhue487: LMFAO
flingintoalake: Jak: ....... :<
crimsonhue487: [12:29] Adamantiopium: ... Karis would eat an ass hamster?
marvelousmith: dklgrsjkjgf
flingintoalake: ahahahahaha
dragoon1940: She's eaten corpses.

dragoon1940: She's eaten ogres.

crimsonhue487: SHIT HAMSTER
dragoon1940: She's eaten gnolls.

crimsonhue487: SHIT
flingintoalake: ... have those corpses been intimate with Erol's anal passage?
Adamantiopium: .... but
crimsonhue487: HAMSTER
dragoon1940: She's eaten some seriously disgusting shit.
crimsonhue487: /DYING LAUGHING
crimsonhue487: [12:29] flingintoalake: ... have those corpses been intimate with Erol's anal passage?
flingintoalake: hahaha
flingintoalake: o/

Adamantiopium: /ALSO dying of laughter
flingintoalake: we are both cackling here
Adamantiopium: like
krimzonerol: *puts that on status msg*
Adamantiopium: what the fuck kind of question
crimsonhue487: LMAO
Adamantiopium: /dying
flingintoalake: hahahahaha
crimsonhue487: this conversation goes in the ooc com y/mfy
flingintoalake: it's likeflingintoalake: for a resume
Adamantiopium: mfy
flingintoalake: "do you have intimate knowledge of erol's anal passage?"

flingintoalake: "we do require this for this position"

[12:47] wingedxoblivion: /goes to app Erol's Zombie Ass Hamster

[12:48] wingedxoblivion: Erol. Erol. Give back Cat Thing. She's an innocent kitten.
[12:48] flingintoalake: CAT THING IS IN EROL'S ASS