The one on the left is Blu. The one on the right is good friend T9. The one in the middle is OH GOD PYRAMID HEAD. Also, this was taken, like, three years ago or something. On Buggy's cell phone.


Blufox, Momma, uh... uh... uh... come back to me.




Pfft, Detroit. Should be Kansas. Or Chicago. Or somewhere where Buggy is.

Blu happens to fail win hard core and she needs to GTFO stay on before she sinks the boat

Blu is this crazy-ass pirate chick who hacks off people's arms and shoots them out of canons. No, wait, that's Anne Bonny.

Blu is this crazy-ass artist chick who tortures her characters and might as weel shoot them out of canons. Really, Herz canon? Someone should build that shit.

Blu and Buggy have known each other since they were young enough to hate each other with a passion (not really that much hate, just like 'Who aaaare yoooou?' kind of thing--idk, it was a long time ago, I don't remember shit.) Blu has also known Shei since Shei was young enough to be corrupted by Blu. And corrupt Blu did. And she corrupted well. And it was corrupt.

Out of context quote: "Blu" (10:05:38 PM): /creams face

Characters Edit

Current Edit

Herz (OC)

This is Blu. Dressed as Herz.

  • Blu has dropped and reapped Herz so many times he has whiplash.=== ===

April (TMNT)

  • She's pretty hot.


  • lol moar awkward teenage boys

Dropped Edit

in order of fail;no particular order

Glitch!Bob (Reboot)

Actr'd (OC)

Warren Peace (Sky High)

Praxis (Jak and Daxter Trilogy)

Rothbart (The Swan Princess)

Torn (Jak and Daxter Trilogy)

-there now it's right, los- ACTR'D WAS ON BOARD?! /taisha