example of amanda's late night fantasies.

Amanda is of little consequence. She studies Japanese at the University of Florida, but as Kuruma would say, she's got the CRAZY EYES. She also enjoys drawing stupid pictures, including the one on the main page of the wiki!

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Dropped characters: Celeste - Princess Daisy - Haellyn Dawnshore - Link (Ocarina of Time) - Iwakura Lain - Link (Majora's Mask) - Moai - Link (Ocarina of Time) 2

She's in the failboat's other real-life OTP, that one being with Kelly. They plan to elope together.

[23:46] crimsonhue487: stop living in canada nerd
[23:46] pullslikewind: ;-;
[23:46] pullslikewind: Never
[23:46] pullslikewind: Wait
[23:46] pullslikewind: No
[23:46] pullslikewind: Later
[23:46] pullslikewind: But only to go to Sweden.
[23:48] crimsonhue487: xD ok.
[23:48] crimsonhue487: lets move there together and get married.
[23:48] pullslikewind: Sounds like a good plan.
[23:49] pullslikewind: I will teach you how to survive in subzero temperatures
[23:49] pullslikewind: and you will teach me how to love.
[23:49] crimsonhue487: oh bb
[23:49] crimsonhue487: /serenades
[23:49] pullslikewind: /swoons